In search of beauty

As the 4th generation Ruffoni making pots and pans I have lost count of the times in which – at a dinner with friends or at an international fair – I’ve been asked "What is the use of a pot that is so beautiful? In the end I just have to cook in it."

Setting aside for a moment the technical characteristics that make copper the first choice of chefs and cooking lovers, today I would like to focus on the concept of beauty – and its necessity.

If there is one thing I firmly believe in, it is that the search of beauty for beauty’s sake is never vain, superficial or empty if it brings you joy.

When you impulse buy a bouquet of fresh flowers on the way back from work after a long day and finally place them in your favorite vase.
When you wear that warm coat you got last season and it feels so soft in the winter.
When you stop and look at the tiny little things you got for your house that now make you feel at home.

Many years ago, William Morris - a British textile designer, poet and novelist who lived in England in 1800 - said something that resonates with me:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”― William Morris
I hope your Ruffoni can be useful AND beautiful.

I hope they can bring you joy every morning, when – while drinking coffee – the first rays of sunshine fill the room, making the reflections of the copper dance delicately on the walls.
I hope they can bring you joy at Thanksgiving, Christmas and on every family dinner in which you use them to serve delicious food to your loved ones.
I hope they can bring you joy when they’re passed over to your children, when they move out and build their new family.