The best way to polish copper cookware

When it comes to copper there are two contrasting views: some people love the rich, dark red patina that forms with time and regular usage, and some others prefer the vibrant iridescence of mirror-polished copper.

Those who appreciate the patina claim that it gives copper even more warmth and character, and that it represents the memory of all the family adventures it witnessed.

Those who instead enjoy cooking in mirror-polished kitchen cookware find that the copper cleaning time is a moment of peace – like our friend Chef Nick Stellino, who likes to dedicate some time each Sunday to this operation.

Whether you are #teampatina or #teamshine today we want to teach you the most inexpensive yet effective way to clean your copper cookware, a real nonna’s remedy!

To restore a polished shine you just need to create a mixture of salt and lemon juice or vinegar and lemon juice and rub briskly with a soft sponge or cotton cloth the exterior of your copper cookware.

Sounds too easy to be true?
Have a look at the video below to see Rita in action!