Bain-Marie - 1.5qt

  • Ideal for preparing cheese and chocolate fondues
  • Crafted in solid copper for unparalleled heat conductivity
  • Hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty
  • Tin-lined by hand over fire
  • Made in Italy

Perhaps less known than other kitchen tools, the Bain-Marie is a precious ally for many recipes, both sweet and savory.
You can use it to melt chocolate and cheese for a sweet or savory fondue, of course, but this beautiful double-boiler will prove useful for many sauces and desserts as well.
The insert is made of durable porcelain, easy to use and care for, while the solid copper pot can have infinite other uses as an independent saucepan.

Crafted in solid copper for superior heat conductivity, hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty and tin-lined by hand over fire — so naturally low-stick.
The riveted stick handles are cast in solid bronze, and the lid is crowned by Ruffoni's signature acorns and leaves.

Made in Italy.

Diameter: 6.25" Height: 6"  Capacity: 1.5 qt  Cookware: solid hammered copper Lining: high purity tin, applied by hand over fire Handles material: solid bronze Lid: included Oven safe: yes, to 430 F (220 C) Stovetop: gas recommended - no induction Wash by hand Made in Italy

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