5 Piece Set with Tools

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This set is the perfect gift for those who want to start cooking with Ruffoni Historia.

The classic fry pan is a daily use workhorse that will accompany the home chef from breakfast to dinner, whilst the covered saucepan will allow them to simmer sauces and reductions without splatters.

The generously sized braiser will transition seamlessly from stovetop to oven to tabletop, for an impressive presentation, and comes with a decorated lid, perfect for low temperatures braising.

Finally, the accessories are designed to ensure the best use of the pots: the cherrywood utensils do not scratch the tin-lined interior, and the Ruffoni cleaner has been specially formulated to remove tarnish and restore the copper's shine.

The covered braiser, the fry pan, and the covered saucepan are crafted in solid copper for superior heat conductivity, hand-hammered and tin-lined by hand over fire - so naturally low-stick. Their riveted handles are cast in solid bronze, and the lids are crowned by Ruffoni's signature acorns and leaves. The set is completed by practical cherrywood utensils and Ruffoni's copper cleaner, and delivered in a stunning wooden gift box.

Made in Italy.

The 5-piece set contains everything that's needed to start crafting delicious everyday meals in Ruffoni Historia tin-lined copper. It will be a treasured special gift, whether given for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, to a loved one or simply to yourself!

The fry pan is a practical and versatile kitchen workhorse that you will find yourself using at different times of the day for the most varied recipes. Shallow-fry and sauté vegetables and sides, proteins or pancakes, and achieve a perfect cook even with the most delicate foods like white fish and eggs. And remember: copper cookware never needs to be pre-heated, just use a little fat to prevent sticking.

The saucepan is a small versatile ally in the kitchen. Boil peas and other vegetables, gently cook rice and other grains, and even re-heat leftovers, or honor its name by using it to simmer pasta sauces and reduce velvety sauces, gravies and reductions.

Classic braised beef, Belgian beef carbonnade, coq au vin, but also ratatouille, veggies with tomato sauce, stews, pasta sauces like bolognese and creamy risotto... the amount of recipes possible with a large braiser make it a real must-have for your kitchen.

Finally, the utensils are all you need to complete your kitchen: a flat-edged spatula to scrape without scoring; a risotto stirring spoon with the traditional circular opening that helps avoiding overstirring, helping you achieve the perfect creamy consistency; a versatile spoon and a pasta fork. The set is completed by a jar of Ruffoni cleaner, to remove tarnish and restore copper's brilliant shine.

Recommended for use on gas stovetops, open flames (wood, charcoal, barbecue) and in the oven - electric cooktops also possible. Never heat the pot empty and do not exceed 220 C (430 F). Bronze handles will get hot: always use pot holders while cooking. Use wood or plastic tools to avoid scratching the tin lining.

Hand-wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent, and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

With use, copper develops a rich patina over time that many love and cherish. To restore a polished shine, use a good copper polish (like Ruffoni Cleaner) or salt with lemon juice/vinegar.

Tin will naturally discolor over time, but will remain equally effective. Depending on use, the tin lining may eventually wear off and require retinning. Prolong the tin lining's life by not scratching it with metal tools, never overheating the cookware, and limiting the use of acidic ingredients.

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Ruffoni Copper Acorn series w/ tin lining.

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