Covered Chef Pan - 4qt


The chef pan is, among other things, the undisputed queen of risotto.

This covered version has a lid, which will get you even more uses from this most versatile of shapes: stir a rich tomato pasta sauce, for example, then leave partly covered to slowly bubble away. Sauté greens, brown and then simmer beef stews, create nourishing velouté with freshly picked vegetables: this practical pan is as versatile as they come!

Crafted in solid copper for superior heat conductivity, hand-hammered and tin-lined by hand over fire — so naturally low-stick. The riveted handle is cast in solid bronze and designed for comfort, while the solid copper lid is adorned by acorns and leaves: beautiful finishes that ensure seamless stovetop-to-tabletop dining and entertaining.

Made in Italy.

The covered chef pan is the perfect partner-in-crime for the daily kitchen business. Create the most delicious tomato sauce for your pasta and cover it with its lid as it bubbles away so as not to splash your stovetop. Or prepare a vibrant velouté with freshly picked vegetables.

When in the mood for something more substantial, the chef pan will shine in the making of a flavorful, creamy risotto: the wide base ensures a steady absorption of broth, so that all flavours are absorbed while water evaporates quickly, and the rounded sides ease stirring and prevent stubborn grains from getting stuck in the corners.

Bring directly to the table for an effortessly elegant presentation.

Recommended for use on gas stovetops, open flames (wood, charcoal, barbecue) and in the oven - electric cooktops also possible. Never heat the pot empty and do not exceed 220 C (430 F). Bronze handles will get hot: always use potholders while cooking. Use wood or plastic tools to avoid scratching the tin lining.

Hand-wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent, and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

With use, copper develops a rich patina over time that many love and cherish. To restore a polished shine, use a good copper polish (like Ruffoni Cleaner) or salt with lemon juice/vinegar.

Tin will naturally discolor over time, but will remain equally effective. Depending on use, the tin lining may eventually wear off and require retinning. Prolong the tin lining's life by not scratching it with metal tools, never overheating the cookware, and limiting the use of acidic ingredients.

Diameter: 26cm

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