Essential set, 5pc

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This set contains all the essential pieces to start cooking with Ruffoni Historia. Sauté vegetables or cook delicate foods like eggs and fish in the tin-lined, naturally low-stick frypan; boil small sides or simmer sauces, stocks and reductions in the convenient, exceptionally heat-responsive saucepan; and roast, braise or gratin meats, poulty, and casseroles in the generously sized braiser. The braiser lid fits the frypan for additional flexibility and cooking techniques.

Crafted in solid copper for superior heat conductivity, hand-hammered and tin-lined by hand over fire so naturally low-stick. The riveted handles are cast of solid bronze, and the lids are crowned by Ruffoni's signature acorns with their leaves. This set is designed to be displayed proudly in the kitchen, inspire creativity while cooking, and be shared joyfully at the table with family and guests.

Made in Italy.

This Chef pan is the perfect tool for infinite recipes: sauté vegetables with one hand thanks to the high rounded sides, brown chunks of meat on the wide bottom then simmer gently into rich stews, or toss pasta to coat it with its thickened sauce. Practical and versatile, the Chef pan really shines when making risotto: its wide base ensures a steady absorption of broth, so that all flavors are absorbed while the water evaporates quickly, and the rounded sides ease stirring and prevent stubborn grains from getting stuck in the corners. Use the cherrywood spoon, included, to stir your risotto to the perfect creamy consistency.

The essential 5 piece set contains everything you'll need to start crafting delicious everyday meals in Ruffoni Historia tin-lined copper.

The large frypan is perfect for shallow-frying and sauteing vegetables and sides. To fully appreciate the control given by copper's heat responsiveness, and the naturally low-stick properties of tin-lining, try cooking delicate ingredients like white fish and eggs. Remember that copper cookware never needs to be pre-heated, and use a little fat to prevent sticking.

The saucepan is a small versatile ally in the kitchen. Boil peas and other vegetables, gently cook rice, or even re-heat lefovers. Leverage copper's exceptional conductivity by simmering and reducing velvety sauces, gravies and reductions.

The braiser will transition seamlessly from stovetop, to oven, to table. Use on the stove for a large batch of creamy risotto, or to gently simmer pasta sauces, then toss in the pasta to serve. Use directly in the oven for casseroles and pasta bakes. Or sweat vegetables and sear meats and poultry on the stove, then finish into stews or roasts in the oven. Gather with family and friends around the table for family-style dining.

Diameter: 28cm
Height: 10cm
Capacity: 6lt
Diameter: 28cm
Height: 6cm
Diameter: 16cm
Height: 10.5cm
Capacity: 2.3lt
Cookware material: solid copper, hand-hammered
Lining material: high purity tin, applied by hand over fire
Handles material: solid bronze
Lid: included for saucepan and braiser; braiser's lid also fits frypan
Oven safe: yes, to 220 C (430 F)
Stovetop: gas recommended - no induction
Wash by hand
Made in Italy

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