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  • A Limited Edition set for all pasta lovers and fans of The Pasta Queen
  • Crafted in solid copper and clad stainless steel
  • Hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty
  • Internally coated with practical, scratch-resistant stainless steel
  • Each lid features The Pasta Queen’s signature pasta crown
  • Made in Italy
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Becoming familiar with your new ruffoni

This 7 piece designed by The Pasta Queen and handcrafted by Ruffoni artisans includes everything you need to elevate your pasta making game.

Caterina, the 8qt copper Pasta Pot/Stockpot lined with practical stainless steel, is the main character of The Pasta Queen Limited Edition. Rely on this capacious Stockpot for making soups, stock and of course for boiling pasta. The included Pasta Insert will help you save the precious pasta water (or “the Tears of the Gods”, as The Pasta Queen calls it) – an essential ingredient to make extra velvety sauces that will cling to the pasta and coat it perfectly.

Pinuccia, the 4qt copper Chef Pan lined with easy-to-care for stainless steel, is designed to be your partner-in-crime for preparing the most amazing pasta sauces, but thanks to her versatile size and shape, she’s also ideal for browning vegetables, simmering stews, and thickening soups and reductions. Don’t forget to bring Pinuccia to the table to make "scarpetta" by mopping up all the sauce with bread when no one's watching!

Stella, the 12” stainless steel Serving/Frying Pan, complements the copper cookware in The Pasta Queen Limited Edition while adding a pan that’s more spacious – for your larger cooking needs. Wider than Pinuccia, this shallow Frying Pan can be used to cook almost anything, whether you’re throwing together a delicious pasta carbonara, baking gratin vegetables as a side, or searing proteins for an impressive main course. You can even grab the two handles and shift Stella from the stovetop to the oven for your pasta bake or fruit cobbler!

This set is made from solid copper and clad stainless steel – the materials of the Ruffoni tradition, hammered by our master artisans for increased strength and lasting beauty and internally lined with practical, easy-to-care-for stainless steel. The stainless steel handles are decorated with delicate leaves and the lids are topped with The Pasta Queen’s signature pasta crown, hand cast in solid bronze and silver plated.

Made in Italy.


SKU: 99143


Diameter: 10" Height: 5.75" Capacity: 8 qt

Oven-safe: yes, up to 500˚F (260 C) Stovetop: gas recommended - no induction Cookware: solid, hammered copper Lining: stainless steel Knob: solid bronze, silver platedHandles: stainless steel  Lid: includedHandwashing recommendedSKU: 99147


Diameter: 9.5" Height: 3.75" Capacity: 4 qt

Oven-safe: yes, up to 500˚F (260 C) Stovetop: gas recommended - no induction Cookware: solid, hammered copper Lining: stainless steelKnob: solid bronze, silver platedHandles: stainless steel Lid: includedHandwashing recommendedSKU: 99148


Diameter: 12" Height: 2.5"

Oven-safe: yes, up to 500˚F (260 C) Stovetop: all, including induction Cookware: hammered clad stainless steel with aluminium alloy core Lining: stainless steelKnob: solid bronze, silver plated Handles: stainless steel Lid: included Handwashing recommendedSKU: 99149