Rita's Creamy Pasta e Fagioli – A Heartwarming Twist on Italian Tradition

Rita's Creamy Pasta e Fagioli – A Heartwarming Twist on Italian Tradition

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Pasta e fagioli (Italian for “pasta and beans”) is a humble dish that plays with pantry staples to create a nourishing and delicious meal, perfect for winter nights.

This quintessentially regional dish counts as many variations and reinterpretations as there are regions and towns in Italy – perhaps even as many as households – and, of course, in the Ruffoni family, we have our very special one

Our pasta e fagioli recipe was developed by Rita when the Ruffoni children were young and picky about vegetables. Her solution was to puree them into a thick, creamy consistency to please young palates – and add some pancetta (bacon) for an extra treat.

Over 25 years later, in our family, we still puree our pasta e fagioli, although we now add some whole beans as well for extra texture.

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Famiglia Ruffoni

In the Ruffoni family, cooking is the language of love.
Many of our most cherished memories are linked to cooking and eating together and, even when physically apart, we always discuss old family recipes, share newly discovered ingredients and techniques, and show off our culinary creations through texts and video calls.

In this blog we share the simple, delicious recipes of the Italian heritage – as they have been handed down through generations of Ruffoni – along with our thoughts (and rants!) on all things copper.