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Jam Pot - 9.5qt

Jam Pot - 9.5qt

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  • Ideal for preparing jams, jellies and fruit-based preserves
  • Crafted in solid copper for unparalleled heat conductivity
  • Traditionally unlined for a dense, shiny jam
  • Hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty
  • Made in Italy


Height: 5 in

Diameter: 14 in

Capacity: 9.5 qt

SKU: 99275/3351


Material: Solid, hammered copper

Lining: No lining, pure copper

Handles: Solid bronze

Use & Care

Ovensafe (°F): 430.0

Cleaning Instructions: Handwash only

Stovetop: Gas recommended - no induction

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Learn more about this Ruffoni

When preparing jams, jellies and preserves, the key for achieving bright, clear fruit flavor and brilliant jewel-like colors lies in a quick rise in temperature, rapid boiling, and a very fast cool down: this is the reason why, for centuries, copper pots have been preferred over any other materials for these preparations.

The interior is traditionally unlined to get a denser, more shiny jam. Clean the inside before use and avoid using for highly acidic or salty preparations - fruit acidity is not an issue thanks to the high sugar content. The bronze cast handles are attached with copper rivets.

Made in Italy.

A timeless classic

The Historia collection

Historia, meaning 'history' in Latin, is perhaps Ruffoni's most iconic collection. Each shape has been created by our master coppersmiths in the same way as cooking vessels were manufactured in royal castles and palaces upon the request of court cooks. Truly a celebration of our shared culinary history, with this collection we relive centuries of tradition and honor exquisite craftmanship:

- Each item is skillfully crafted from a single sheet of copper for maximum heat conductivity and superior temperature control

- Hammered by our master coppersmiths to ensure increased stregth and lasting beauty

- Internally lined by hand over fire with the purest, durable nonreactive tin so naturally low-stick

- Bronze handles are individually cast and attached with durable stainless steel rivets

- Handles and lids are enriched with finials in exquisite shapes such as acorns, artichokes, vegetables and animals to bring warmth and elegance to any table

- Heirloom quality items, worthy of being handed down through generations

- Lifetime Warranty

- Made in Italy

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Taking care of your Ruffoni the right way


Recommended for use on gas stovetops, open flames (wood, charcoal, barbecue) and in the oven - electric cooktops also possible.

Never heat the pot empty and do not exceed 220 C (430 F). Bronze handles will get hot: always use pot holders while cooking.

Use wood or plastic tools to avoid scratching the tin lining.

Washing and Polishing

Hand-wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent, and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

With use, copper develops a rich patina over time that many love and cherish. To restore a polished shine, use a good copper polish (like Ruffoni Cleaner) or salt with lemon juice/vinegar.

Tin Care

Tin will naturally discolor over time, but remain equally effective. Depending on use, the tin lining may eventually wear off and requireretinning. Prolong the tin lining's life by not scratching it with metal tools, never overheating the cookware, and limiting the use of acidic ingredients.