Blog_Between Italy and India: Coconut ginger carrot soup with tadka

Between Italy and India: Carrot soup with coconut, ginger and curry leaf tadka

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In the Ruffoni household, veloutés have always been a welcome guest at the weekday table. Comforting and healthy, nourishing soups are easy to make and waste-proof: we love to experiment with new combinations, letting what is in the fridge guide our hand. Even slightly older, mushy vegetables can make for delicious soups!

Giulia's husband, however, is less of a fan. He believes that the best dishes offer a combination of different textures and flavors, something that veloutés often lack. This recipe, jointly developed by Giulia and Archit, satisfies both by combining the comforting warmth of classic vegetable creams with stronger flavors inspired by India.

The unexpected star of this recipe? The tadka. This idea, borrowed from the Indian culinary tradition, consists of an oil infused with spices and aromatics poured onto a finished dish to add an unexpected layer of flavor. Far from the delicate notes of the aromatics sauteed in oil (“soffritti”) at the base of Italian recipes, here the flavors and aromas explode when the spiced oil garnishes the velouté.

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