Beware of imitations

Ruffoni fakes are on the rise: here's how to ensure authenticity and savor genuine craftsmanship

Our loyal customers often inform us when they encounter products that mimic Ruffoni pots and pans. These imitations range from products merely “inspired” by our iconic elements to full-fledged counterfeits bearing the Ruffoni name, yet lacking the hallmark craftsmanship of our Italian workshop.

We’ve all seen counterfeit Rolex watches, fake Gucci bags, or replicas of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. These copies may initially appear comparable, however, they lack the genuine qualities that these brands are known for. Only originals guarantee the unparalleled quality of materials used, the artisanal expertise invested in every detail, the reliable country of origin and the superior performance and durability we proudly uphold.

When investing in Ruffoni, we encourage you to pay attention to detail, and choose only reputable retailers or our official website to ensure authenticity and the unparalleled experience our brand guarantees.