See what living the Ruffoni Way means to different family members

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The inspiration behind Ruffoni

“The way we live and create our products is inspired by the nature, art and history all around us” - Walter Ruffoni

Walter shares how innovation happens at the Ruffoni workshop in the Italian Alps. By taking inspiration from works of art, natural beauty and antique crafts, Ruffoni copper cookware is created with the goal to spark joy and serenity and to stand the test of time.

Family Traditions

“Good food is an essential part of Italian culture, especially because it brings people together” - Rita Giromini Ruffoni

Rita gathers with her family, in the kitchen and around the table, to celebrate Italian food and traditions in the Ruffoni home.

An Italian Celebration

“Northern Piemonte might not be as famous as Venice, Florence or Rome, but it is just as stunning” - Giulia Ruffoni

Giulia hosts a party for family and friends, coming from all over the world to explore Northern Piemonte and discover its many excellences: nature, history, architecture, food and copper manufacturing.