Roasted lamb with Herb Crust

A Christmas masterpiece: roasted lamb with all the trimmings

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In the vibrant mosaic of global cuisine, festive tables become a canvas for unique flavors and cherished traditions.
While in the USA, the spotlight often shines on grandiose turkeys or succulent hams, in Italy, we traditionally opt for different meats, each telling a story linked to specific families and their traditions.

Tender and juicy lamb typically graces the tables of Italian families during two distinct periods: Easter and Christmas. Adorned with a savory crunch from a flavorful blend of herbs and breadcrumbs (or, in modern days, panko), this impressive main course has the power to captivate any guest.

But don't let its impressive appearance fool you; a well-roasted lamb comes together quickly and easily with just a handful of fresh ingredients.

What makes this rack of lamb truly special is the mix of herbs and aromatics perfected by one of our Chef friends. Parsley, tarragon, and mint offer a fresh take on the classic, woodsy flavor of rosemary and lamb—perfectly complementing this rich, earthy meat.

Equally at home on the Sunday table as it is on the Holiday table, this recipe is a tried-and-tested go-to with the wow factor.

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