Balsamic glazed brussels sprouts with bacon and Parmesan

A nutrient-packed side dish: glazed Brussels sprouts with bacon and Parmesan

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Brussels sprouts have long endured a less-than-stellar culinary reputation, often associated with memories of overboiled, mushy renditions from our childhood. But here's the secret: Brussels sprouts, when prepared correctly, are a culinary treasure appreciated by both kids and adults.

The magic happens when these humble greens find their way into the Frying Pan, turning into irresistibly crispy delights. And with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and bacon, the transformation is complete.

Packed with the natural flavors and nutrients of Brussels sprouts, and elevated by a sophisticated vinegar glaze with an Italian twist, this recipe serves as a versatile dish. It works wonders as a healthy midweek dinner side but is equally suited for the Holiday table, complementing glazed carrots, creamy mashed potatoes, roasts, and hams. 


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