Blog_The everyday crowd pleaser: Cranberry Orange Crumble

The everyday crowd pleaser: Cranberry Orange Crumble

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With its warm, sweet fruity filling and its golden, perfectly crunchy topping, the crumble is the ideal companion to breakfasts and merende (the sweet, midafternoon Italian pauses).

Wildly easy to make and an absolute crowd pleaser, we especially love this dessert for its endless customizations.
You can easily adjust the sweetness to your taste – working with the amount of sugar but also with the tartness of the fruit
You can experiment with different toppings – why not try incorporating oats, nuts or seeds?
And, above all, you can have fun with the filling. Any fruit – fresh or frozen – can be turned into a delicious crumble filling – making it a dessert suitable for any season. In summer, a crumble of juicy peaches or luscious plums is the perfect conclusion to any BBQ. In autumn, diced pears marry well with cinnamon, ginger and a big cuppa. And apples and berries are classics we can’t get enough of.

For our recipe we have chosen to use cranberries as they normally line supermarket shelves and freezers at this time of year – and we have added a hint of orange for a more complete, aromatic flavor.
Want to indulge in the ultimate treat? Serve it warm, topped with creamy gelato – as we would do in Italy!


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