Making every day living spaces practical yet beautiful: meet Elle Hervin

Elle's modern rustic kitchen
Elle's modern rustic kitchen features some beloved pieces from her Opus Cupra collection | © Elle Hervin - @elle_the_home_bird

A former journalist turned full time content creator, writer and interior stylist, Elle Hervin lives on England’s North East coastline with her husband and three boys.
Filled with one-of-a-kind, heirloom pieces – and with a color palette spawning from rich, moody blue to natural wood, white, pink and sage green – Elle’s period home is the perfect example of her approach to interior styling focused on making every day living spaces practical yet beautiful.

We met Elle for a virtual tea where we talked about European interior decor, life with three young kids and the thrill of finding the perfect antique piece at an unassuming flea market.
Elle Hervin set table featuring Ruffoni Opus Cupra
Aperitif chez Elle, featuring Ruffoni Opus Cupra gratin | © Elle Hervin - @elle_the_home_bird
Where are you from?
Whitley Bay, a seaside town on the beautiful North East coastline in England.

What are you passionate about?
* Making every day living spaces practical yet beautiful
* Taking inspiration from nature, art and history and applying it to everyday life
* Waking early, taking time for myself, good coffee and long walks by the sea
* Dinner and wine with friends
* Books, books and more books!

Something people don’t usually know about you:
I worked as a newspaper journalist for 10 years and was a crime reporter for the last few years of my print journalism career. It was different every day and I met some incredible people and saw some very interesting sights!

Favourite Food:
This is a hard question for me to answer as I love ALL food! Probably a mushroom risotto with a lot of Parmesan cheese, washed down with a good wine! But I’m also partial to a Thai curry as well.

How/when did we first meet?
I remember stumbling across Ruffoni on Instagram and being stopped in my tracks.
I’ve always loved kitchenware and in particular, copper pots. They have so much warmth and tone to them and add so much personality to a kitchen. But I had never seen such beautifully crafted pots until I came across Ruffoni and I knew instantly that we were a match made in heaven!
I reached out to Giulia to see if she would like to work together and from there, a wonderful friendship blossomed!

Favourite Ruffoni piece or collection:
It has to be the Opus Cupra collection and in particular my Gratin pot.
Its double handles, combined with the elegant curve of the pot, are just so beautiful to look at (not to mention the incredible detail on the lid!).
I have mine proudly on display at all times as just looking at it makes me want to cook up something delicious for dinner!
One of my husband’s favourite meals is paella and mine is risotto; this pot is just perfect for both dishes!

Where can people find you:
I can be found chatting about life with my three young boys (always a funny story to be shared here and there!) and sharing pictures of my period home on Instagram @elle_the_home_bird.
Ruffoni Opus Cupra braiser in Elle Hervin's blue kitchen
Ruffoni Opus Cupra braiser taking the center stage in Elle's Midnight Blue kitchen | © Elle Hervin - @elle_the_home_bird

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