Ruffoni Opus Cupra 7 Piece Set
Upon Request

7 Piece Set

€2,094 Euros
Ruffoni Opus Prima 7 Piece Set
Upon Request

7 Piece Set

$1,600 $1,710
Ruffoni Historia 8 Piece Cookware Set
Upon Request

8 Piece Set with Tools

€1,510 Euros
Ruffoni Opus Prima 6 Piece Set
Upon Request

6 Piece Set

$980 $1,050
Large hand-hammered, clad stainless steel braiser from Ruffoni
Upon Request

Large Braiser - 7qt

€540 Euros
Hand-hammered copper stockpot adorned with olives on the lid
Upon Request

Olive Stockpot

€442 Euros
Large, hand-hammered, tin-lined bucket from the Historia collection of Ruffoni
Upon Request

Oval Bucket

€383 Euros
11 Piece copper fondue set
Upon Request
Ruffoni Cupra Omegna Cupra 5 Quart Braiser
Upon Request

5 Quart Braiser

€351 Euros
Hand-hammered, clad stainless steel saucepan from Ruffoni
Upon Request

Saucepan - 3.5qt

€350 Euros
Hand-hammered copper stockpot with belly shape by Ruffoni
Upon Request

Belly Pot

€307 Euros
Ruffoni Omegna Cupra Soup Pot
Upon Request

4 Quart Soup Pot

€298 Euros

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