Sugar Saucepan - 3.7qt


  • Ideal for melting sugar to make caramel, caramel sauces, and candies
  • Crafted in solid copper for unparalleled heat conductivity
  • Unlined for crystal clear, dense melted sugar
  • Practical spout for easy pouring
  • Made in Italy

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Becoming familiar with your new ruffoni

Heating sugar to make caramel, candies and candied nuts is an apparently simple, yet hard to master technique – especially if you don't have the right tools. Copper's extraordinary heat responsiveness – the ability to heat quickly and uniformly when placed on a heat surface and cool equally rapidly when removed – makes it the most suitable material for preparations that rely on accuracy, where it is necessary to maintain precise temperatures to achieve the (sweet) goal.

Use to prepare wet or dry caramel, caramel-based sauces, candies and candied nuts. Crafted in solid, unlined copper, our sugar saucepan features a practical spout for easy pouring. The stick handle is cast in solid bronze and attached with copper rivets.

Made in Italy.


Diameter: 9.5" Height: 4.3" Capacity: 3.7 qt Material: solid copper Lining: no lining, pure copper Handles: solid bronze Lid: not included Oven-safe: yes, up to 500˚F (260 C)Stovetop: gas recommended - no induction SKU: 99177/5114-20 Handwashing recommended
Made in Italy

Ideas for Use

Getting the most out of your Ruffoni Saucepan

A kitchen essential true to its name, the saucepan is great for all manners of sauces and gravies...but it also does a lot more. Start the day heating the milk for the children's breakfast, or preparing a nourishing and creamy oatmeal; at lunch, quickly prepare a tasty sauce for pasta, or reheat last night's leftovers; in the evening, boil fresh green peas as a side, cook rice to a perfect fluffy consistency, keep your homemade stock bubbling as you add it into a creamy risotto, or reduce the roast juices into an irresistible gravy. Finish off the day with a velvety vanilla custard.

Choose the saucepan with a comfortable stick handle for easy pouring, or opt for the saucepot with two side handles to fit neatly on the stove and table. Either way, this small but practical shape is a versatile kitchen ally you will find yourself coming back to again and again.

Bring directly to the table to dress the plate with a delicious steaming hot sauce or to make "scarpetta" by mopping up all the sauce with bread when no one's watching.


The Ruffoni Accessories

Pots and pans might be the kitchen’s main stars, but accessories and specialty pieces play a crucial supporting role. Some, such as the pasta insert and the warming stand are born as additions to main pieces and allow discerning home chefs to get even more use and enjoyment out of their collections. Others, like our jars and olivewood tools, don't need anything else: a lovely gift idea for a Ruffoni lover but also an elegant collection starter, suitable for anyone. Finally, some specialty items like the zabaglione bowl and jam pot honor antique confectionery traditions that rely on copper’s fantastic thermal and chemical properties in the making of caramel, jams and preserves, whisking egg whites and creating zabaglione.

- Made of conductive solid copper, resistant stainless steel, clear glass and olive wood

- Heirloom quality items, worthy of being handed down through generations

- Recommended for cooking, gifting, and for a stunning presentation at the table

- Lifetime Warranty