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Olivewood Board - 18"

Olivewood Board - 18"

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  • Ideal as presentation piece – to serve heaps of charcuteries and a well-curated cheese spread – as well as cutting surface or kitchen counter display
  • Crafted in natural olivewood, prized for its strength and beauty
  • Inlaid with our signature copper ring for a unique look and guaranteed authenticity
  • Made in Italy


Length: 18 in

Length (excluding handle): 11.8 in

Width: 8 in

Height: 1 in

SKU: 99168/X1023


Material: Oliwood with copper coin

Use & Care

Cleaning Instructions: Handwash only

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Learn more about this Ruffoni

Ruffoni boards can move seamlessly from the preparation area to the dining room, bringing a taste of the Mediterranean home with them. Entirely made in natural olivewood – a precious wood appreciated for its character and unmistakable appearance – each board is carved, sanded and finished by hand, and the handles are inlaid with the Ruffoni signature copper ring.

Hard enough to allow for smooth cuts, but easier on the knife’s edge than plastic blocks, you can use the Ruffoni large olivewood board to chop lots of herbs, fruit and vegetables or choose it as a presentation piece, to serve charcuteries spreads, fruit and cheese at Aperitivo, or to conclude a special dinner. And when the party's over, you can hang your olivewood accessories making use of their practical, striking copper ring detail to adorn your kitchen.

Beautiful and versatile, olivewood accessories are a lovely gift idea for any Ruffoni enthusiast but also an elegant collection starter, suitable for anyone.

Exact color and grain patterns will naturally vary
These Ruffoni accessories are made in natural olivewood, carved and sanded by hand to bring out the striking color variations and grain patterns of this noble material. Their beauty lies in their uniqueness – no two cutting boards are the same, just like no two homes are. If you prefer to pick the exact shade and pattern of the wood, we recommend picking your kitchen accessories at your favorite Ruffoni partner shop.

Made in Italy.

Truffle Shaver


The Ruffoni accessories

Pots and pans might be the kitchen’s main stars, but accessories and specialty pieces play a crucial supporting role. Some, such as the pasta insert and the warming stand are born as additions to main pieces and allow discerning home chefs to get even more use and enjoyment out of their collections. Others, like our jars and olivewood tools, don't need anything else: a lovely gift idea for a Ruffoni lover but also an elegant collection starter, suitable for anyone. Finally, some specialty items like the zabaglione bowl and jam pot honor antique confectionery traditions that rely on copper’s fantastic thermal and chemical properties in the making of caramel, jams and preserves, whisking egg whites and creating zabaglione.

- Made of conductive solid copper, resistant stainless steel, clear glass and olive wood

- Heirloom quality items, worthy of being handed down through generations

- Recommended for cooking, gifting, and for a stunning presentation at the table

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