Rita Ruffoni preparing Strawberry Jam in a Ruffoni Historia Jam Pot

Going all natural: Rita's 3-ingredients Strawberry Jam

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In the Ruffoni household, store-bought jams rarely make an appearance. Why settle for the pre-made stuff, when crafting your own jam is surprisingly simple, and offers you the opportunity to capture the pure essence and freshness of seasonal fruits without the need for added preservatives? And there are so many ways to use homemade jam throughout the year! Spread on a crunchy slice of toasted sourdough bread, with butter or even cheese, dollop on top of morning yogurt or layer as a filling for puff pastry and crostata (tart). 

Want to know the secret to improve your homemade jams, jellies and preserves?
Use a genuine, unlined copper Jam Pot!
The key to achieving bright, clear fruit flavor and brilliant jewel-like colors lies in a quick rise in temperature, rapid boiling, and a very fast cool down. This is why, for centuries, copper pots have been preferred over any other materials for these preparations. Additionally, the unlined interior contributes to a denser and shinier jam.

Concerned about copper's safety? Fear not! The high sugar content and quick cooking minimize the impact of the fruit's natural acidity on your copper cookware. Just make sure the inside of your solid copper Jam Pan is clean and free of tarnish by quickly rubbing it with salt and lemon juice then rinsing out before use.

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In the Ruffoni family, cooking is the language of love.
Many of our most cherished memories are linked to cooking and eating together and, even when physically apart, we always discuss old family recipes, share newly discovered ingredients and techniques, and show off our culinary creations through texts and video calls.

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