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Thanksgiving morning simplified: easy Turkey Gravy without Drippings

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While the turkey often takes center stage on the Holiday table, for us, it's all about the sides and sauces. We relish the symphony of flavors brought to life by glazed carrots and Brussels sprouts with Parmigiano (Parmesan cheese), the indulgence of a generous serving of creamy mashed potatoes, and, of course, the traditional sauces. 

Turkey gravy and cranberry sauce can truly make or break the meal, especially because on our Holiday table, they are not reserved only for turkey slices. We use them to transform delicious mashed potatoes into an overindulgent Holiday treat or to lightly drizzle the stuffing, infusing it with an extra layer of flavor. Their job doesn't even end on Thanksgiving Day! A scoop of leftover gravy and cranberry sauce can elevate next-day turkey sandwiches to unexpected heights.

But what happens when there's no turkey yet, and thus, no drippings? While drippings – those flavorful fats that drip off the meat during roasting – serve as the perfect foundation for gravy, they are not strictly necessary. The recipe below will guide you in creating a delicious gravy without having to roast a whole turkey, using butter and beef broth to replace drippings.

PS: Making gravy without drippings is also a clever time-saving idea. Since no drippings are involved, you can prepare the gravy in advance, lightening your Thanksgiving morning to-do list. Come Thanksgiving, you’ll only need to reheat it in a Saucepan before bringing it to the table!

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